We just got a massive TV for Chrissy but it hasn’t made me, Jeremy or Jack any happier!

Did that happen to you too? Did you get something you really wanted and not long after realised that owning that new fandangle material possession didn’t increase your happiness (well not for very long anyway)?

This happens to everyone and you’d think we’d learn that owning more ‘stuff’ isn’t going to make us any happier (that’s assuming the basics are covered), but we do it every year don’t we?

It is Shady’s fault! Shady wants more stuff! Shady wants to ‘keep up with the Joneses’. Shady thinks material possessions, wealth, success and power bring us happiness and fulfilment – but they don’t! We all know this and see examples of it all the time.

I remember dancing my teenage butt off to ‘Wake me up before you go-go’ in my oversized fluoro green ‘Choose Life’ t-shirt back in the early eighties. I also remember thinking how amazing it would be to follow your dream and be rich and famous!

Reading up on George Michael’s ‘dream’ life recently however, has made me question his happiness and in turn the happiness of other ‘rich and famous’ people that seem to be ‘following their dreams’.

Hang on a minute, I teach people at Sparky and Shady that they are here to follow their dreams and that when they follow their dreams they will be happy and fulfilled. So what’s the glitch?

Some people get the chance to follow their dreams and even have their dreams come true, but they aren’t happy and here’s why…

To be truly happy and at peace with yourself you have to:

  1. Love Shady no matter what,
  2. Trust Sparky and DO what Sparky says to do and lastly you need to
  3. Let go of Shady beliefs and bottled up feelings that prevent you sharing your gifts and feeling happy and fulfilled!

Here is another way of putting it…

When we believe unhelpful stuff from Shady and do what Shady says we are unhappy and unfulfilled. It doesn’t matter if we are following our dreams and it doesn’t matter if we are rich and famous. We cannot sustain happiness and a sense of wellbeing when we believe Shady stuff like:

“I need so-and-so to be happy.” “I am only worthwhile when…” “I can’t really be myself because people won’t accept me.” “I really want to do this, but I can’t because…”

It is not the stuff, the success, the power or the money that makes us happy it is ability to love ourselves no matter what, trust ourselves no matter what and let go of stuff that prevents us giving ourselves and our gifts to others.

That’s where the saying, “Happiness comes from giving not getting” fits in.

When we give ourselves, our love and our gifts to others without Shady conditions we find happiness and fulfilment.

Happy sharing yourself, your love and your gifts in 2017!

We need you!

Love Kathy

PS Here is the workshop link for January 2017. Please share if you know anyone with kids starting high school next year, as the workshop on the 5th and 6th of Jan is NEW and only for these kids and their parents!