Do you want your child or children to be successful?

What does that even mean? I did an audio workshop recently and found out exactly what success means to me. Before you read on, have a think about what that word means to you…

My definition of success is having all my boxes ticked.

Body – being fit, healthy and vibrant.

Family – having a loving, supportive family and extended family.

Partner – having a loving, supportive partner.

Friends – having loving, supportive friends.

Career – working in a job, position or role I love and am passionate about.

Money – having enough wealth to support myself (and my family) to have and do the things we really need and want.

Spiritual – having faith and connection to love

Growth and learning – having ongoing adventures, experiences and opportunities to gain wisdom.

Happiness – feeling happy, fulfilled and content most of the time.

Each and every one of us deserves to have ALL our boxes ticked.

You and I are WORTHY of vibrant health, loving relationships, fulfilling careers, wealth, love, adventure and happiness in our lives!

So back to the question – Do you want your child (or children) to be successful?

Of course you do! We all do!

So how do you ensure your child has everything they need to be successful?

  1. Teach them they are worthy of having, doing and being what ever their hearts desire (because they are totally worthy).
  2. Teach them that dreams do come true (because they do).
  3. Teach them HOW to make their dreams come true.

Obviously I am big on this because I have written a whole program for kids, that teaches these three very things.

25 years ago when I started this journey I didn’t realise I was writing a program for success. In fact if you told me that back then I may have reconsidered my motives.

You see, when I was a young adult I believed ‘successful’ people were rich and selfish. I believed that successful people only cared about themselves, their money and getting other people to envy them.

In the last couple of years (and the last few months in particular) I have changed my beliefs on success and wealth.

I had to, otherwise I could never have all my boxes ticked and be successful myself!

If we believe success is a positive thing for us, other people and the earth and we believe we are worthy of success then with the right knowledge and strategies we can achieve it!

The BEST way kids learn anything is to observe, watch and live with someone else who is doing it!

If you want your child to be successful, to have all their boxes ticked then the best way to do it, is to be successful yourself!

Tomorrow night at the ‘More for parents’ night I am going to give you the knowledge and specific strategies you need to be successful so you can live it and pass it on to your children! (I’ll even bring my new ‘dream board’ or ‘vision board’ to show you!)

If you can’t come but are super keen to have this knowledge, email me personally and I’ll send you the concrete steps by the end of the week.

If you can come, here’s the info:

What: ‘More for Parents’ night

When: 7 – 8.30pm Wednesday 26th April

Where: Arena Room, Coffs Harbour Showground

How much: $15 if you have been to a workshop or after school class before. $20 if you haven’t. (25% off for regulars is now a permanent thing!)

Turn up if you are keen to do a 60-minute session on how to get your boxes ticked! The other 30 minutes we will spend on practical parenting stuff! So if you have a specific concern bring it along and share it, that way you can go home with a solution!

Hope to see you there!

Love Kathy

PS After School Classes for Term 2 start Wednesday 3rd May. If you would like to bring your child along check out this link and let me know! (25% off for those who have been before applies to this too!)