Any time I hear about a young person taking their own life I think to myself, “I wish I taught them about Sparky and Shady!”

My son Jack came to almost every Sparky and Shady workshop I ran for the first three years, he was 10, 11 and 12 at the time. Jack enjoyed coming because he loved the games we played – especially, “Go home, Stay home.” (Thanks Saxon and Diaz for sharing that game in one of the first ever Sparky and Shady workshops – every single kid who has come since loves it!)

Anyway, back to the point – I asked Jack one day when he was around 13, “Matey what is one thing you learnt from Sparky and Shady that has changed your life?” He said, “That I don’t have to believe Shady.”

Recently, I was talking to a workshop mum about the content of Sparky and Shady and I said, “I use it all! I meditate every day, I ask Sparky for advice every day, I look after my body every day, I take Short Cuts and Pit Stops any time I need to, I do daily affirmations and visualisation, I do what Sparky tell me too, everything I teach – I do. BUT if all your child gets out of the program is that they don’t have to believe Shady, then that is enough!”

I wish I could give every child in the world this one thing, because I think it may be enough to stop young people taking their own lives.

If you don’t already have the kids ebook (for 4-9yr olds), it is FREE on the website. If you know any parents who are struggling with supporting their child or children please tell them they can get the ebook for free and that it doesn’t matter if their child is 4 or 14 the content is universal! (Each of us have a kid inside us who has the right to know this stuff! Yes I get that not everyone will use all of it, but at least once you know it, you are aware of how you work and you can choose what strategies you use in your every day life!)

The new website intro video explains why it is important to empower your child. If you want more than the free ebook and you are ready to invest $880 in you and your child’s future, contact me to buy the Online Video Course for Kids. In the Online Video Course I give you all the latest content, and strategies for a deeper understanding of how you work and how to create a life you love!

Love Kathy

PS If you have been following the progress of the new website with the Kids Online Video Course – stay tuned! It is almost there! And in the meantime I can give you access to the lessons, just email me!