Right this minute I’m feeling scared and overwhelmed.

I just looked at a recent video I made where I am inspiring and full of love and I thought, “How did I do that? I couldn’t do that today!”

Obviously I’m listening to Shady. I know I’m on the low road (because I feel like sh*t) and I know I need to take a Pit Stop but before I do I’m starting this post to show you the BEFORE and AFTER effects of a Pit Stop.

When I don’t stop and listen to my fear and feel it, it starts to overwhelm me. I feel like I can’t do anything properly and that I’d like to go back to bed (in the past I used to feel like eating junk food, being a total bitch, getting drunk, doing something irresponsible or taking drugs).

I don’t let my fear get past the point I’m at now because I hate getting sucked into Shady’s lies and absolute hopelessness. Here are some of the Shady thoughts I can hear going around in my head right now (about following my dream)…

“I can’t do it. It will never work. I’m sick of working so hard and not being paid a decent wage. What if this takes another 10 years? What if someone comes along and steals my idea? I shouldn’t have left fulltime teaching. It is too much hard work. I just want to give up.”

Looks like my Pit Stop has started so I’ll see you in 20 minutes or so…

Cool! Done!

Okay now I feel like anything is possible and that I am here to make a difference that only I can make. I know Sparky and Shady works. I know Pit Stops work. I know I will never give up and I know it is my purpose to teach kids and their parents this stuff so kids can be empowered to do what they are here to do!

How did I get from one extreme to the other in 20 minutes?

I took a Pit Stop and listened to everything Shady was scared of, (the list above plus 15 minutes more), then I imagined the worse of my fears coming true (seeing myself stuffing up a television interview), and then I felt the hurt, fear and sadness of the possibility that dreams might not come true despite every effort. Finally when I couldn’t hear, see or feel any more fear I asked Sparky “What now?” and listened. This is what I heard…

Fear is great! Shady is great. She prepares you for the worse and shows you in your imagination what hopelessness and disaster feel like and look like. Be grateful for this gift. When you listen to your fear, when you see it, when you feel it, it no longer has power over you. You can just go and get on with it!

Yes, you might still be afraid in the real world when you are doing what you are afraid to do, so if that’s the case, say something like this to Shady…

“I love you Shady but you’ve had your turn and with all respect you don’t know what’s possible! It’s Sparky’s turn now and I trust her. I can do this and I am doing it!”

Sounds kind of simplistic and unbelievable that you can shift your thinking so quickly from “I can’t” to “I can” but you totally can. The process is – hear, feel and see your fear and then when you have nothing new left, ask the loving part of you what to do now and make a start on it!

Give it a go next time you are overwhelmed by fear!

If it works for you (which I reckon it will!) teach it to your kids!

Love Kathy