I have taught this lesson three times in the last week and it is my favourite! So I’m going again! There are three secrets to following your dream, they are:

  1. Love Shady
  2. Trust Sparky and
  3. Let go

Before we start on these – let’s come up with a current dream for you right now.

If anything were possible what would you really like to do with your love, time, and gifts to make a difference on earth? What would make you happy and fulfilled? What would you do for free (assuming someone gifted you oodles of money so you didn’t have to worry about finances)?

Okay now let’s use your example for the rest of our chat. If you haven’t got a dream make one up!

  1. Love Shady

Ask Shady what he or she thinks of your dream…

Shady probably told you how unrealistic and ridiculous your dream is. Maybe you heard, saw, felt or knew stuff like, “Dreams don’t come true. That will never happen. That’s not possible. I can’t do that in the real world.”

Great! That’s Shady’s job. He or she (I’ll use ‘he’) is supposed to protect you from looking stupid, failing and hurting yourself so of course you got the, ‘Don’t even think about following that dream’ response from Shady.

Now that we know your Shady is healthy and doing his job, say, “Thanks Shady, I love you, but that’s not helping!” Remember for the purpose of this activity we said at the start to imagine that anything is possible, so tell your Shady to butt out for a few minutes (lovingly of course).

  1. Trust Sparky

Ask Sparky what he or she thinks of your dream. You will probably see, hear, feel or know stuff like, “I can do it. That is totally possible. That’s what I’m here to do. I’m going for it!”

Now ask Sparky for an action you can take in the next 24 hours to get the ball rolling on your dream. It doesn’t have to be big, just an action that you know you will follow up, no matter what Shady says in the morning.

Write your action down!

  1. Let go

After you take your action (or before if Shady tells you not to bother), take some time out of your life to give your Shady your undivided attention. To do this you basically take a Shady short cut or Pit Stop so here’s a simplified way to do that on your own…

  1. Grab a notebook and pen and find somewhere private
  2. Ask Shady, “What’s wrong?” as in what’s wrong with the whole idea of chasing my dream?
  3. Write down everything Shady says, no matter how negative, nasty, judgemental – don’t censor what Shady says – you want all of it.
  4. Let your feelings out too, you might be angry, resentful, jealous, envious, sad, scared or whatever… just let the feelings come out of you naturally in whatever way they want to while you are listening to Shady tell you all the reasons why your dream is unattainable.
  5. When you can’t hear anymore new stuff and you’ve no feelings left to express ask Sparky…“What now?” As in what do I do about this dream now?
  6. In the next 24 hours do what Sparky told you to!

People’s ‘unrealistic’ dreams do come true. There are plenty of people out there doing exactly what they want to do, they are fulfilled and making a difference that is good for them, good for others and good for the planet. Why can’t you do it too? (Yes Shady I can hear you!)

What if the purpose of life was to follow your dreams? What if that was the only way to ever find true happiness and fulfilment?

Life is a gift! You are a gift! You have gifts to share that will benefit people, animals and nature. Go for it! Be yourself, have fun, share your love, share your gifts, learn along the way, follow your dreams and make the bloody difference you were put on earth to make!

Shady does not know what is possible. How can he? Shady is stuck in a hole in the ground and he can’t see anything but darkness. Shady doesn’t want you to feel helpless or to fail so he tries to protect you. But what Shady is actually doing is keeping you down there in that hole with him. You can’t climb out of that hole (the low road) while you believe Shady. Love Shady and thank him for doing his best to protect you from failure, poverty, and ridicule, but DO NOT BELIEVE him. Shady cannot see the whole picture!

Does anyone actually know for certain what is and isn’t possible? Nelson Mandela said, “It always seems impossible until it is done!”

Be a kid again! Climb out of that hole and fly up into the sky with Sparky (high road). Get unrealistic, give up your crappy job, enrol in that course, move out, move in, make a start, do the first step towards your dream and then take one more step each day. That’s all it takes, one action a day.

If Shady tries to drag you back into that hole take a Shady short cut or a Pit Stop and then do what Sparky says.

Follow your dreams and live your life as though anything is possible – because who knows – it probably is!

Love Kathy