Do you go out New Year’s Eve or stay in? Do you have a few drinks? Indulge in some culinary delights? Do you wake up bright and early full of excitement at the new year and what it brings?

Everyone does it differently.

The way I love to do it, is to go to bed early New Year’s Eve so I wake up early feeling fantastic. I take the dog for a headland walk, watch the sunrise, have a meditate and follow up with a swim before heading home for a yummy, healthy breakky!

Foregoing the partying, alcohol, drugs, junk food, late night and sleeping in is not hard because all that traditional celebrating makes me feel pretty shit afterwards! The walk, sunrise, meditate, swim and healthy breakky makes me feel amazing as it gives me a hit of love, hope and possibility for the new year and what it will bring.

I’m not sure what you are planning to do to see the new year in, but perhaps it is worth thinking about what is best for you and what will make you feel amazing. How do you want your 2021 to roll? Do you want love, hope and possibility for the entire year?

If ‘yes’- I’d love to inspire you and help you to have the best year yet. That’s a very big claim, but I believe it is possible because once you understand how you work as a human being and start using your loving inner force (Sparky) to help you with everything in your life – your life will be more loving, more fulfilled and more purposeful!

What is going to inspire and help you ?

You will get all my knowledge and strategies for living a life of love, fulfillment and purpose all packaged up in the Sparky and Shady MA online video course for mature audiences. It is an extension of the Sparky and Shady program for Kids and Big Kids and delves deeply into the exact nature of our Inner Force and how it works in terms of love (Sparky) and fear (Shady).

You pay $250 once and receive the program for life. It consists of eleven video lessons (What if, Who we are, Why we are here, How our bodies work, How our personalities work, How our thoughts work, How our feelings work, How to cope with problems, How to believe in ourselves, How to follow our dreams and What now). Each lesson is broken down into 4 – 6 bite size videos of 5 – 15 minutes with core content and extra content. You can just do the core videos to get the basics quickly or watch the extra videos too if you want to dive into the material more deeply.

The first three lessons are already up and available on purchase in the login area and the others are released each Tuesday by 8pm, with the final lesson released on Feb 23rd 2021.

The lessons are recorded sessions of me teaching the content directly to the Sparky and Shady MA audience via Zoom. We have already been through all the content once. Snippets of some of these videos will be in the lessons as ‘extra’ content and we are currently re-doing all the lessons a final time (hence the weekly release of new lessons) to get them as good as we can. I say “we” because a past student of mine, Eli has helped me with every video so far. He is twenty and after an accident in which he could have easily died, he has become interested in spirituality, meditation and how human beings work. His questions and comments make the program relatable for other people who are looking for answers to life’s big questions.

The videos are really easy to watch and the content builds upon the videos before it, which means by the time you watch all the videos once, you will have a fair understanding of how human beings work and how to apply the practical strategies in your life. After that you can jump around and watch whichever videos you like, whenever you like – because you own them for life. No subscriptions, no membership joining fees, no ongoing cost!

Yours to keep for good. It really is as easy as that!

If you’d like to jump in before the New Year go to and use coupon code $25off to get the entire course for $225 (code expires 31-12-20). If for some reason you buy the program and discover it is not what you expected or wanted there is a 7-day money back guarantee! Don’t buy the program if you don’t like swearing, as it is MA after all, and there is passionate use of the F-word.

Whether you invest in the program or not, I wish for you and your family a wonderful 2021 full of love, fulfillment and purpose!

Happy New Year!

Love Kathy

Upcoming Workshops
Sparky and Shady for Kids and Big Kids Two Day Holiday Workshops will be held on 18th & 19th January for Kids and 21st and 22nd January for Big Kids! If you would to take part in the program with one or more of your children at a kids’ level check out all the details here.