Sparky and Shady works. Saying that however – it is not for everyone!

I recently had a lady come to a workshop who admitted she was totally overwhelmed by the experience. She said she enjoyed it and got heaps out of it, but she wished she knew what she was getting herself into!

This post is to prevent that happening to others. So here are five questions to ask yourself before you jump in.

  1. Are you willing to work at it?

Are you willing to follow up at home? Are you willing to read the book? Are you willing to read the fortnightly blog posts? Are you willing to take the time to learn the strategies for coping with problems and try them on yourself so you know how to support your kids to use them too?

After working with a couple of hundred kids and parents I can save you some time and energy here. I’ve observed that the people who are willing to follow up are the one’s who are ready and willing to change.

Are you at that point in your life where you are worn out of what you have to face day in, day out?

Are you sick of your kids being:

* Rude

* Out of control

* Anxious

* Bullied

* Negative or

* Unappreciative?

OR Are you sick of being:

* Unfulfilled

* Unappreciated

* Undervalued

* Misunderstood or feeling like you are in the wrong place doing the wrong thing?

If “yes” to any of these than you are more likely to follow up!

  1. Do you want a happy and loving life?

I thought everyone would answer, “Yes” to this question but some people actually like living a life of drama, pain and blame.

You know the kind of life they make soap operas about? Where the main characters are miserable and getting their needs for love, belonging, and importance met by doing shady stuff like the passive ‘poor me’ or ‘everyone is out to get me’ act or the aggressive ‘power play’ or ‘revengeful’ act?

If you are getting your needs met in a shady way it is unlikely that you will do what it takes to change unless you really want a happy, loving and fulfilling life!

  1. Do you trust your intuition?

Sparky is your loving intuition. Are you willing to listen to it, trust it and do what it says? Even when it is painful or challenging?

  1. Are you willing to face and love your fear?

Shady is your fear. Are you ready to acknowledge, accept and love this part of you? To listen to it, but to move past it and move forward in your life?

Specifically are you willing to face your bottled up fears, to talk about your issues and to express your bottled up feelings over past hurts so you can let them go?

More simply – are you willing to be vulnerable and cry? (Not necessarily in front of others, but at least on your own?)

  1. Are you willing to give up shady habits that are bad for you and others?

You know those things you do that are bad for you (and most likely others) that you know you need to stop doing? For example: drugs, alcohol, gambling, gossiping, whinging, overeating, manipulating others, blaming others or always looking on the bad side of people and life (and the list goes on and on)?

A plug for After School Classes


  • You answered ‘Yes’ to all five questions and
  • You are free from 4pm – 5.15pm every Tuesday starting 26th July through to the 20th September and
  • You are willing to invest $225

Than ring me on 0409 711 608 or email me and I’ll book you in to After School Classes on Tuesdays at the Showground with one of your gorgeous kids because you WILL get the most out of it!

(If money is a barrier – you don’t need to bring all your kids at once to change your life and theirs – just start with one and pay $25 a week for the nine week course. If you are passionate about it and you really want to change, it will rub off on your entire family!)

Get in quick cause there’s only room for 9 or 10 kids and their parents!

Love Kathy