Dear friends,

I know I’m not personally your friend (well actually I am friends with some of you!) but I feel like we could be friends if we had the time and opportunity because if you are still on this email list – then we have lots in common, including…

  • We love our kids
  • We believe our kids are incredible 
  • We love other kids too and we believe they are incredible too (well maybe your Shady isn’t convinced, but your Sparky would agree)
  • We believe we have a responsibility to support our kids to understand themselves so they can manage themselves and make the most of their lives
  • We believe that dreams can and do come true (and that knowing how you work helps this happen)
  • We want our kids to live happy, loving and fulfilling lives following their dreams and making the difference on earth they were born to make
  • We also believe in love, in the power of a loving being or energy that wants what is best for our kids, everyone else (including us) and the planet too. 

Do we have these things in common? 

I thought so! 

I really wish I could have taught you the Sparky and Shady program when you were a kid because I believe in you and I know you are here to make a difference on earth that only you can make. 

That’s okay however, because I know you are making the difference you were born to make as the parent of your child. I know I can teach you this stuff now and together we can teach it to your kid (or kids).

What are we teaching your child exactly?

  • Self-worth 
  • Self-awareness 
  • Confidence
  • Courage
  • Self-belief 
  • Connection to the loving part of them that helps them every day to live a happy, loving and fulfilling life 
  • Love for their fearful self and an understanding that Shady is just doing his or her job
  • Faith in themselves and their ability to create a life they truly love
  • Connection and compassion for other people and for nature too. 

How are we going to teach all this to your child?

The Sparky and Shady for Kids Online Video Course (for 4-9 year old’s) is almost ready to launch with the new look website. I have been raving on about it for months now but that’s okay, I forgive myself for being a perfectionist and I forgive myself for taking so long.

I am really proud of the online course, it is kid friendly and really simple to follow – all kids do is watch a 5 min video each week for 9 weeks and do some follow up with you.  

The part of the program I am really excited about and the most proud of is the, ‘More for parents’ bit. This bit includes: 

  • A 20 min audio that elaborates on the content at a grown-up level for each lesson (who you are, why you are here, how your body works, how your personality works, how your thoughts work, how your feelings work, how to cope with problems, how to believe in yourself, how to follow your dreams, plus an intro and a conclusion)
  • A one page summary of this audio with links to evidence or other authors saying similar things
  • A follow up activity for you to do with your child each week to reinforce content
  • Posters to print out to help you follow up
  • A parenting tip to make life a little bit easier each week in your home! 

I think the reason I am most proud of the ‘More for parents’ bit is because it’s the kind of information I would have loved when I first had Ashley 26 years ago. Being a parent is the world’s best job, but at times it is also the most challenging. The content in the parent bit in the online course will help you understand yourself and why you parent the way you do. It will also help you understand yourself and how you work so you can believe in yourself, follow your dreams and make the difference on earth you were born to make. Both as a parent, and as a unique human being who is here to do something in and for the world that only you can do. 

The best way to empower our kids to live happy, loving and fulfilling lives is to live happy, loving and fulfilling life ourselves! The Sparky and Shady for Kids Online Video Course gives you everything you need to do this! 

If you’ve already been to a workshop or after school at the current price ($880 or $792) I will send you a link to this online course when it is up and running (pinky promise) and you don’t pay a thing – it is a part of your free follow up. 

If you haven’t been to anything yet or you came before the online course was included in the price then you can grab this program for $440 instead of $880 for the next 11 days. 

This email list (and the FB page where this automatically posts) is the only audience I am offering the $440 price to and that’s to say thank you for coming along for the ride! If you want to continue on the Sparky and Shady journey and learn heaps more from this very cool (if I do say so myself) online course let me know by 9am Friday 8thFeb (next Fri) and I’ll send you payment details and a login.

You will own this program for the life of Sparky and Shady (which will be the rest of my life at least) and if you invest your $440 and you are not blown away with the content and the bargain price then I will refund your money.  

I believe in the Sparky and Shady program, it makes sense, it is easy to understand, easy to apply in your life and it is psychologically sound. It is time for me to “go for it” and share it with the wider world. 

If you would like me to share it with you now, send me an email and I’ll send you the details to buy the Sparky and Shady for Kids Online Video Course for $440 – this is a bloody bargain and only available to you and this email list until 9am 8thFeb. 

Love Kathy

PS If you have a child aged 9-12, I haven’t even started your online course yet! I’m guessing it will be quite a while. If you would like to take advantage of this price you can buy the Kids version now and then when the Big Kids online video course is done – I will swap your login over for FREE! (In other words, you get the kids program for $440 until I finish the Big Kids program and then your login will swap over to the Big Kids program for free when it is up and running.) If you’ve been to a Big Kids workshop or after school class this is what we will do with your course!