Quantum science has proven that everything on earth is made up of energy. Sometimes that energy can be observed under a powerful microscope as a particle of matter, however even when it does appear as a particle of matter (0.00001% of the time – see ref 1. below) it seems to pop in and out of existence.

Human beings are made up of energy. I cannot possibly comprehend that I am really only 0.00001% matter because I feel ‘real’ and so does the chair, table and computer keyboard I am touching. Regardless of this fact, the science is irrefutable – everything we think of as ‘real’ is all made of energy that pops in and out of existence.

Author, Deepak Chopra calls the place matter (or more correctly the energy of that matter) goes when it pops out of existence, “The field of infinite possibilities”. I like that name! It conjures up a place where anything is possible.

In the Sparky and Shady program, I teach kids that if we simplify and divide our energy into loving, fearful and everything in between it helps us understand ourselves and how we work.

Sparky is the source of our loving energy and Shady is the source of our fearful energy. We or ‘us’ are a mixture of the loving and fearful energy we have stored inside us based on what we have experienced in our life and our thoughts, feelings and beliefs about ourselves, others and life.

I also teach children that every human being has a choice as to what kind of energy they have within them. If they choose to believe, think, say and do loving things (like; be kind, helpful, tell the truth and be respectful of others), then they fill up with loving energy that makes them feel good and puts them on the high road in life. The high road is a fantastic place to be because good stuff seems to happen to you while you are on it!

If children choose to believe, think, say and do fearful things (like; be mean, selfish, lie and blame others when something doesn’t work out for them) then they fill up with fearful energy that makes them feel bad and puts them on the low road in life. The low road as the name suggests is a terrible place because bad stuff seems to happen to you while you are on it. I teach older kids that there is also something called a ‘fake high’ which is where you think you feel good but it is a manipulative or ‘mean good’ which is different from a loving good. If you choose a fake high by bullying others or being disrespectful of others then you are on the low road because that energy fills you with fear not love.

Obviously human beings are both loving and fearful at times (because we are human) so we have both energies inside us, this balances out the high and low roads and puts most of us on the middle road where we feel okay and okay stuff seems to happen to us.

The high road is an aspiration, it is not a place we can be all the time because all human beings have fearful thoughts and feelings. It is normal to be on the low road and it is normal to experience bad feelings because that’s part of what being human is all about.

The Sparky and Shady program does not teach kids that fearful energy is bad, because it isn’t, it is an important part of being human and it actually helps us, it keeps us alive and safe and protects us too. What the program does teach kids – is how to manage that fear!

Fear, anger, sadness, guilt, envy, and all our other bad feelings are important because they are signals that let us know what we thinking and believing. This is a great thing, because once we know we have fearful energy inside us we can talk about our Shady thoughts, express our bad feelings and work out what to do next with Sparky’s help. (“What now?”)

If kids do not learn to manage their fearful energy then the fearful energy stays inside them and makes it hard for them to get off the low road.

I’m on a mission to introduce kids to Sparky, the loving part of them, so they have help to manage their fear.

Sparky is our loving ‘problem solver’. If we choose to believe Sparky (after we have expressed our fear) and do what Sparky tells us to do in our imagination, then we enter the loving part of the field of infinite possibilities where we have incredible opportunities. If we retain and hang onto our fear then when our energy pops out of this field we enter the fearful part of the field of infinite possibilities where our experiences are limited to more fear!

If children learn to use their loving energy more and more in their lives they have an unlimited source of possibilities to create loving, happy and fulfilling lives on the high road most of the time!

I can see a world in my imagination (the field of infinite possibilities) where your child/ren and mine are living loving, fulfilling, blissful lives making the difference on earth they were born to make!

Can you?

Love Kathy

PS Next post stay tuned for ‘How to manage your fearful energy – Part 2’ where I will explain how the energy we have within us creates the life we have outside us – you may have heard of this before, ‘As within, so without’, ‘You reap what you sow’ or more recently it has been called the ‘Law of Attraction’.

  1. Dr J. Dispenza, 2012, Breaking the habit of being yourself, Hay House.