This is a follow on from last fortnight. If you missed it I was raving on about how my friend wouldn’t take a Pit Stop or more specifically how they (lets give this friend a gender – ‘he’) wouldn’t cry.

Well good news! My friend took a Pit Stop! Yippee! Yahoo!

But then he had the gall (or balls) to tell me, “Pit Stops don’t work Kath!”

That’s like waving a red flag at a bull, so our conversation went like this…

K (Kathy) – Oh… did you listen to everything Shady was sad, angry or scared about?

F (Friend) – Yep

K – Did you get your sadness, anger and fear out by yelling, screaming, bashing and most importantly crying?

F – Yep

K – Wow! Well done, wow that’s pretty cool! You are a legend!

F – Thanks

K – Okay, did you let go of Shady’s baggage in your imagination?

F – Yep

K – Great! Okay did you ask Sparky, “What now?”

F – Yep

K – Cool! Okay so have you done what Sparky suggested?

F – Umm… no… not yet!

Not wanting to sound pleased with myself, but I’m glad we found the balls up (sorry – couldn’t help myself)!

If you think taking a Pit Stop takes courage – you are right! But sometimes doing what Sparky tells you to, to either ‘learn along the way’ or get yourself out of the hole you are in often requires a whole new level of courage!

But the good news is – Sparky doesn’t tell you to do anything he or she knows you are not ready to do. If Sparky tells you in the “What now?” part of your Pit Stop (or anytime for that matter) to do something that scares the hell out of you the best option is to just go ahead and DO IT! (Do it afraid my friend!)

If you have had the Pit Stop, if you have let go of Shady beliefs that have been keeping you in a hole, if you have let go of your repressed emotions then your are 9/10ths of the way there!

The way to move forward from here is just to do whatever Sparky told you to. If you don’t do it, I’m sorry to say, but you will not learn what you are supposed to learn or get out of the hole you are in!

It’s like Sparky is above the hole saying… “Nearly there, now all you have to do is…”

So what is the dot… dot… dot… for you?

If you are unhappy and in the same situation in life that you were in a month ago, or a year ago, or more than that, then what is it you know you could do to improve your life and move forward?

For many of us it is often obvious stuff like:

  • Giving up our harmful addictions (drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling, gaming, etc.)
  • Ditching friends or relationships that drag us down (even though we love them)
  • Reconnecting with family or friends who are good for us
  • Resolving dramas or feuds with family or friends
  • Doing more exercise
  • Eating healthy food instead of junk
  • Getting that check up we have been putting off
  • Standing up for ourselves with work colleagues, family or friends
  • Enrolling in that course we have been meaning to do for years
  • Booking that holiday
  • Taking that first or next step to follow our dreams

You are here to make a difference on earth that only you can make! Sparky is helping you. If your Sparky is telling you to do something and you haven’t done it yet, just go for it! Go DO IT! Every time you face your fear it gets a little bit easier the next time around.

Just so you know that I practice what I preach, my Sparky told me to stand on the end of the headland this morning and yell out, “WOO HOO!” at the top of my lungs (weird I know). So my Shady made me check that no one was walking out to the headland then mentioned that the surfers would hear me and not to do it, but I knew it would be worth it (always is) so I stood there, arms outstretched and gave a loud, long, “WOO HOOOOO!” and then looked at the water in front of the rocks and saw a turtle looking up at me! Yes seriously! Totally worth it – even if the surfers heard me and thought I was nuts! (Ha ha I didn’t even mean that one!)

So…the moral to the story is…

DO what Sparky tells you to!

That’s how to move forward, onward and upward! YOU CAN DO IT! You were born to do it!

Love Kathy