That’s a big call.

Okay, my theory is that a lot of our problems are caused by fear and that most (if not all) of our problems can be solved with love.

Problems for individuals like:

• Anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, self-harm, suicide
• Bullying, peer pressure, social media addiction
• Lack of self-worth, lack of self-love, lack of confidence and resilience
• Relationship problems with parents, siblings, friends and peers

Problems for parents like:

• Feelings of inadequacy, fear of doing something wrong, guilt

Problems for the planet like:

• Climate change
• Poverty, famine, lack of basic health and education in third world countries
• War, injustice, political unrest, etc

are all caused by individuals choosing to meet their needs and solve their problems in fearful ways.

Our needs according to Maslow, include: physiological needs such as food, water & shelter; safety & security; love & belonging; self-worth & importance; and purpose.

Human beings have a choice.

Do I meet my needs in fearful ways that potentially look after me and my family but may not be respectful of myself, other people or the planet?

Or do I meet my needs in loving ways that are respectful of me, others and the earth?

The problems we face as listed above, suggest that as a species we are in the habit of meeting our needs in fearful ways.

This is not actually your fault or my fault or any individual person’s fault (including our world leaders). It is an evolutionary problem.

Human beings have evolved to stay alive and protect ourselves from threat and isolation. Our limbic brains which include our fight, flight and freeze survival mechanism have very strong neural pathways that are set up to keep us alive, keep us safe and protect us.

As a result of evolution, the majority of people on the planet are hard-wired for fear. That’s just the way our brains work.

Sparky and Shady is a fantastic way to change our fearful hardwiring!

Fear = Shady, Love = Sparky.

What would happen to humankind’s problems if the majority of people on the planet rewired our brains for love?

What would happen if we taught children how they worked in terms of love and fear?

What would happen if our children connected to their inner loving wisdom and started meeting their needs and solving their problems in loving, respectful ways that were good for them, good for others and good for the planet?

What would happen if parents came along for the ride and we learnt to rewire our brains too?

Your child is an incredible gift to this planet. They are here for a reason that is good for them, good for other people and good for the earth.

If you and your child already know about Sparky and Shady – keep going with that rewiring, remember it’s, “Love Shady, Trust Sparky, Let go and Fill up.”

If you haven’t brought your child along yet, I look forward to the possibility of empowering your child to make the difference on earth they were born to make! If you live in Sydney that may be as soon as the next school holidays!

Love Kathy