If you’ve been signed up for a while you know very well that I go on and on about taking Pit Stops. So today I’m sharing two videos for you to check out and show your kids if you want to change their lives!

Any parent who has brought their kid to a ‘Sparky and Shady’ workshop, after school class or one on one will tell you that the concepts make sense and that they would recommend it to other parents and kids. But the parents whose kids have taken a  Pit Stop (or more than one, or on an ongoing basis) will tell you this stuff will totally change your kid’s life (and your life too)!

I spent the long weekend with a gorgeous friend who was visiting and we spent two mornings on the headland taking Pit Stops with the sole intention of changing our lives. During one of these I said something like…

“It’s pretty logical really, Shady is LIMITED, he or she can’t solve our problems or put us on the right path. We are never going to get where we are supposed to go if we listen to the limited part of us all the time (and even worse – actually believe this part of us). Sparky on the other hand is UNLIMITED! Sparky can help us be happy, healthy,wealthy, fulfilled and loved while we are following our dreams, making a difference, learning along the way and being a great mum (or dad) too! Sure we may have to be patient and trust and take some actions that challenge us, but with Sparky’s unlimited potential and support we can totally do all this! All we gotta do is let go of our baggage by taking Pit Stops!”

So if you want to empower your kid, here’s the link… http://sparkyandshady.com/pit-stop-for-school-kids

Enjoy! (I’m not sure that’s the right word, but you know what I mean)

Love Kathy