It is a scientific fact that children’s thoughts, feelings and actions directly affect the way they view themselves, other people and life.

Picture one of your kids – do they think they can handle new situations? Can they manage their feelings? Do they forgive and love themselves no matter what? What do you want them to think and feel? How do you want them to behave?

Research has shown that success in life depends 80% on emotional intelligence and 20% on intellectual intelligence!

An investment of two days and $330 in your child’s emotional intelligence will give your child all the knowledge and strategies they need to live a happy, loving and fulfilling life!

Join me next week for Kids and Big Kids workshops – you’ll be so glad you did!  (Especially when your child becomes a teenager!)

6-9 yrs Monday 13th & Tuesday 14th July
9-12 yrs Thursday 16th & Friday 17th July

Details and booking info here.

Love Kathy

PS Money back guarantee – if you and your child don’t love the workshop you can have your money back!