After a 10-month break from Sparky and Shady, I found it profound that my first email back has a similar theme to my last email and blog post on 19th February – letting go of fear is the most important part of Sparky and Shady!

I’m sure your life has had some serious ups and downs this year too!

Mine in a nutshell has been:
Jan – Release Sparky and Shady MA, sold six online courses after 6 months of work – Down!
Feb to June – Back teaching as a casual at Orara High School – Up!
July to Nov – Teaching the amazing 7W (a behaviour class at Orara) full-time – Up!
Sept – Bought a gorgeous Tesla (blue) – Up!
Nov – Finished my Bachelor of Psychological Science with High Distinctions in every single subject! – Up!
Nov – Chose not to be vaccinated – Up! (It felt good standing up for what I believed in!)
Nov – Lost my job at Orara – Down!
Nov – Lost a scholarship (worth a teacher’s wage) for the next two years to complete a Masters of Psychology with the Department of Education (due to my no vaccination status) – Down!
Nov to Dec – researching ‘The Risks and Benefits of mRNA Vaccines for Under 18s’ – Up!

Going forward – I am going to take my research and send it, hand it, spread it across the country because it is NOT OKAY that our government has directed the Health Department to only talk about the benefits of vaccination for under 18s.

If you are vaccinated – I respect your decision completely, it is your choice!

However, it is not okay for the government to make out that vaccinating anyone under 18 is a good idea, when it clearly is not! Parents, adolescents and children need to know the truth so everyone can make an informed choice based on the scientific evidence from both sides. (I will send out my paper soon!)

I know I have to do something BIG about this! Before I can step up and make a massive public deal about this – I need to let go of some serious FEAR! My Shady is saying – “Who do I think I am? How can I make a difference? I’m not going to be able to influence them. How do I think we are going to survive, both Jeremy and I have lost our secure sources of income? Is camping outside Parliament House in January really such a good idea?”

Lucky for me – I don’t believe or trust Shady! However, that doesn’t stop her worrying!

Recently, I have been spending time with Avalon Darnesh from Blossoming Woman (a local inspiration) and she and I wondered if other mother’s and women felt called by Sparky, Spirit, Universe, God, Destiny, (or whatever you want to call it) to stand up for our children or something else we are passionate about at this time in the history of the world?

If you are being called and you know you have some fear, baggage and bottled-up emotions that need to be released so you can move forward, you are welcome to join us this Sunday for a full moon ‘Howling Circle’! Sounds kind of trippy and fun!

Avalon and I are joining forces to share our love and wisdom to help us all vent, cry and howl together. After we let go of FEAR, we will sit in mediation and talk to whoever or whatever we draw wisdom, love and strength from and fill ourselves up with LOVE!

If you live in the Coffs Harbour area, if you are female and if you would like to come all the details are in the flyer.

Thanks for reading.

Hope to see you there Sunday! If you need more details send me an email or give me a call!

Love Kathy

PS The location is Little Diggers which is a nude beach. We are not doing the ceremony in the nude! I will lovingly ask the nude beachgoers (there will probably be a few men) to give us our privacy in the northern corner. If you want a nude swim afterwards – go for it!