Thank you for joining me for the live Sparky and Shady lesson at 10am today!

1.    Here is the link to join the live webinar.


3.    You can open this link from 9.50 onwards. If you beat me into the webinar you won’t be able to join in until you refresh your browser.

4.    The first time you use Zoom your screen will say “your download will start automatically” after a couple of seconds you will be asked to put in your administrator password to allow the application to be stored on your computer. You do not have to open a Zoom account and the application is free. The app simply gives you access to the live stream. If you have problems getting in, please email me before 10am

5.   Zoom will work better if you close down all other applications on your computer that use the internet, like emails and other websites you may have open. Depending on the amount of bandwidth you have at home you may also have to ask other users to stop using the internet while you join in your Sparky and Shady live stream.

6. I will open the webinar at 9.50am, 10 mins before it officially starts. You will either see me live ready and waiting, or you will see a screen with the lesson name and the Sparky and Shady logo which means I am here but I haven’t turned on my video and mic yet. In the top right-hand corner of your screen you may have a button that says ‘Speaker view’, if for some reason it says ‘Gallery view’ click it back to Speaker view by clicking on it with your cursor.

7.    During the webinar for the kids, I will have your microphones and cameras turned off. You and your child (or children) will watch me teach the lesson, just like you would watch a live show. During this time, you are welcome to type a comment or question in the chat box, it will not interrupt the lesson. Just click the chat icon and the right side panel will open up. Please sit with your child during the Big Kids (9-12 yrs) live lessons so they can ask for help if they do not understand something. The prerecorded videos in the member area for kids aged 4-8 yrs.

8.    If you only want me to see what you type in the chat box so you can remain anonymous, set your ‘To:’ button to ‘Host’ or ‘Panelist’, if you want everyone to see what you type, set it to ‘Everyone’ or ‘all panellists and attendees’.

9.    If you would like to access and watch the lesson from your smart phone or tablet instead of your computer, go to the app store and download the blue Zoom app. Follow the prompts and it will automatically set up for you. Once it is set up hit the link in your phone email and it will automatically open on your phone. If you want to join manually from your phone, you will need the meeting ID – 499 855 529 and the PW – Sparky. You may also need to type in a user name and your email.

10.    For the parent Q&A each second day it is the exact same link and webinar ID and PW. I will enable your microphone and if you would like me to, I can also enable your camera. I cannot turn your camera on, only you can do that, but for you to do that, I have to enable it.

11.    In the parent Q&A I will answer any questions from the lesson the day before (from the chat box) and you can ask any question you would like via the chat box or your mic. I will also give you content from the previous day’s lesson at an adult level so you have a deeper understanding of the theory and thinking behind the program.

12.    The live stream videos will be recorded and uploaded to the website login area within 22 hrs of the live lesson. That way you and your child can watch it together just before the live stream parent Q&A the next day or whenever it fits your busy schedule! Parents of Kids (4-8yrs) are welcome too, even if you haven’t watched the live stream – the content is the same, I just present it at different levels to the different ages.

See you soon!
Love Kathy
PS Remember to email me by 10am if you get stuck!