Family membership – Would you like access to the entire Sparky and Shady online program for Kids, Big Kids and Parents?

Sparky and Shady monthly subscribers have access to ALL online content for Kids 4-8 yrs, Big Kids 9-12 yrs and Parents

for $20 a month plus an initial $100 membership fee.

What you get

  • 10 video lessons (5 mins each) for 4-8 yr olds and parents (parents watch too so you know what your child has learnt)
  • 10 video lessons (around 30 mins each) for 9-12 yr olds and parents
  • 10 video sessions for parents (content at a parent level with Q&A)
  • Both Sparky and Shady ebooks for Kids and Big Kids (worth $29.90)
  • Additional materials including; Daily meditation audio, Pit stop videos, Short cut videos, Parent tips and colourful A4 posters
  • The opportunity to join live weekly Zoom sessions for Kids (4pm Tuesdays), Big Kids (4.30pm Tuesdays) and Parents (8pm Tuesdays)
  • A wellbeing and resilience program endorsed by Clinical Psychologists & listed on Beyond Blue

More details 

  • If you want to continue with your subscription it is $20 per month for ongoing access.
  • Simply cancel your subscription in the membership area any time  – you will retain access until your renewal date.

Why this is a great idea

  • Perfect to follow up workshops – you’ve just had two days of Sparky and Shady with Kathy and now you’d like to follow up. (Learning Sparky and Shady content and strategies is a lot like learning to drive a car – it takes a while to get it!)
  • Perfect too for anyone who is interested in Sparky and Shady but can’t attend a workshop, the videos give you the content and you can clarify stuff in the live sessions.
  • During the school term all lessons are revised starting in Week 1 with Lesson one and finishing in Week 10 with Lesson ten!
  • If routines work for you, it is as easy as putting aside 30 mins one afternoon or evening a week to watch the relevant video lesson and then join the live Zoom session on Tuesdays for Kids, Big Kids and Parents.
  • 48 hour money back guarantee!

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