One month online access to the entire Sparky and Shady program for Kids, Big Kids and Parents $120 

  • You have access to ALL online content for Kids 4-8 yrs, Big Kids 9-12 yrs and parents for $120 for one month ($100 sign up plus $20 per month)

What you are getting for $120

One months access to…

  • 10 video lessons (around 30 mins each) for 9-12 yr olds and parents (parents watch with their kids so you know what they have learnt)
  • 10 video lessons (5 mins each) for 4-8 yr olds and parents
  • 10 Q&A and more for parents sessions (content at a grown up level)
  • Both Sparky and Shady ebooks for Kids and Big Kids (worth $29.90)
  • Additional materials including; Daily meditation audio, Pit stop videos, Short cut videos, Parent tips and colourful A4 posters
  • The opportunity to join live weekly sessions for Kids, Big Kids (4pm Tuesdays) and parents (8pm Tuesdays)
  • A wellbeing and resilience program endorsed by Clinical Psychologists & listed on Beyond Blue

More details 

  • If you want to continue with your subscription it is $20 per month for ongoing access.
  • Simply cancel your subscription in the members area any time  – you will retain access until your renewal date.

48 hour money back guarantee – If you sign up and find out the program isn’t for you we will give you your $120 back! 

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