Sparky and Shady (MA) is for you if you are 15 yrs (with adult supervision) and older and would like to understand yourself and how you work physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Once you understand yourself you can choose to apply the knowledge and strategies and live a more happy, loving and fulfilling life – if you would like to!

I won’t promise you that you will solve all your health, wealth, relationship, self-worth and self-expression problems at once, but I will promise you that you will certainly make serious headway in any area you put your focus and energy into.

It’s all about, “As within so without”.

Whatever thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy we have going on in our inner world eventually become our outer world. When we learn to manage our own thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy we are better equiped to experience health, wealth, loving relationships and perfect self-expression!

For $120 you can join me for ten live lessons starting on Friday 28th  August 10am and finishing on Friday 13th November at 10am (2 weeks break over school holidays).

In a 40 minute live webinar each week, I will teach you at a mature teenager and grown up level:

  1. Who you are (Meet Sparky and Shady) – 28th August
  2. Why you are here – 4th September
  3. How your body works – 11th September
  4. How your personality works – 18th September
  5. How your thoughts work – 25th September
  6. How your feelings work – 16th October
  7. How to cope with problems – 23rd October
  8. How to believe in yourself – 30th October
  9. How to follow your dreams – 6th November
  10. What now? (Practical ways to apply the program to your daily life.) – 13th November

The program is a mixture of what Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson calls the “three truths”; Personal truths, political truths and objective truths. This basically means I am presenting what I believe is true (personal), what is generally considered true (political) and what is true according to scientific evidence (objective). As many of you know I have been studying Psychology for two years now (High Distinctions in every subject so far!) and I have learnt a lot of great stuff that supports what I teach in the Sparky and Shady program. I will talk about this and also about the fact that not everything in life is actually “provable”. The most important of these for me, is the power of Love in our lives. This is my most important personal truth! I believe Love is the secret to life and without it we are destined to drown in overwhelming fearful thoughts, fearful beliefs, fearful feelings and fearful events in our lives. One day I will scientifically prove the power of Love so it can be used in mainstream psychology but until then you will have to test it out and see if it works for you!

During the Sparky and Shady (MA) program you may find that our personal truths will align at times and at other times they won’t. This is normal, healthy and important. I will invite you at the end of each lesson to share your personal truth on the topic for that week which will hopefully lead us into some deep discussions on how humans work and how life works, this will be an additional 20 mins after our lesson.

Sparky and Shady (MA) will help you understand how you work so you have what you need to enjoy the best that life and Love have to offer you.

Knowing and applying the content and strategies from Sparky and Shady in your life as an adult or mature teenager will give you the confidence and know how to solve life’s challenges and give you a deep sense of contentment, love and fulfilment – if you are willing to keep working on your “inner world” until you have the “outer world” you desire and deserve! (Your outer world will be good for you, others and the planet when you create it with Love.)

If you want to join me for Sparky and Shady (MA) kicking off on Friday August 28th you can purchase a spot now for $120. This will give you access to the entire Sparky and Shady program currently online for families and in addition, the live webinars and recordings which will start on 28th August and go until the 13th November. Further ongoing access to the recorded materials will be available for $20 a month should you wish to subscribe after this date.

I look forward to sharing some fantastic content with you at an MA level!

Love Kathy

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