What we believe about our kids comes true for them (to a large degree).

If parents believe unhelpful Shady things about their kids like, “My child always gets hurt. My child is not good at reading. My child has no friends.” Then these beliefs are somehow picked up by the child who ends up believing them too (at a subconscious level).

To free our children from our limiting beliefs (baggage) about them, it helps to take a Pit Stop.

Depending on the age of your child (under 9) this may be enough, if they are older than 9 then they may (although not necessarily) have to take their own Pit Stop to release the belief inside them too.

I am on a mission to find scientific evidence for why and how this phenomenon occurs – for the moment I only know about this through my own direct experience with my two sons and from the experience of other parents who have discovered that when they change their belief (and let go of their fear) about their child – their child’s behaviour automatically changes!

Try it yourself and let me know if it works for you and your child!

Love Kathy