Sparky and Shady for Kids Teachers’ Manual


This teachers’ manual accompanies the book, ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids – How to love and understand yourself in nine days!’

It was developed to reduce the risk and incidences of mental health problems in Australia’s young people.

The program empowers 4-8 year old children from Preschool to Year 2, with self-awareness or more accurately gives children the knowledge, understanding and strategies they need to look after their own physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

There are nine chapters in the book, ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids’:

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you are here
  3. How your body works
  4. How your personality works
  5. How your thoughts work
  6. How your feelings work
  7. How to cope with problems
  8. How to believe in yourself
  9. How to follow your dreams

The program was written for a small group being withdrawn from a classroom by a support teacher. It could however, be quite easily adapted for use with a whole class as needed.

Each chapter of this program has been divided into two lessons of 20 minutes. The first lesson introduces everyone to the main concept for that chapter. This may be enough for children in Preschool and Kindergarten.

The second lesson goes a bit more in depth and is intended for children in years 1 and 2. If you think your Preschool or Kindergarten children are ready for it, by all means, ‘go for it!’It is assumed the teacher will have the group once a week if teaching the first lesson only and twice a week if teaching both lessons in each chapter. The program runs for nine weeks.

The general idea is this; in each lesson the teacher reads the appropriate section of the chapter in ‘Sparky and Shady for Kids’ to the group; then discusses the content before encouraging the children to complete a ‘Follow-up’ drawing to reinforce learning.

The program is suitable for children from a wide variety of family backgrounds, including those with social, emotional, cultural, and economic challenges.

Parents are given a ‘Chapter summary’ at the completion of each chapter so they can follow up at home.

When you buy the book you get the ebook for free (so you can check it out while you wait for delivery!)