“Kathy, I just wanted to let you know how much your workshop has done for Kiyarna, myself and my two youngest daughters. I set an intention early this year to help children in connecting with their energy, mind and body so I could help them in believing in their uniqueness and I have looked at courses but couldn’t quite find what resonated with my intention – that was until yesterday! I am so happy that you have created this opportunity for our children. You are really changing lives and families. I now feel like I don’t need to look so hard for “something or a course etc.” as you have got this and now I want to spread the word and let so many other beautiful families know all about you. You are amazing and you should be so proud of the baby you have created. I am blown away with it all and the way you have made this so child friendly. I had to stop and think (which is what made me sit down and type this) WOW how lucky are our children to be able to begin the unpacking of their baggage and embrace their feelings now…. imagine the world in 20 years when these children are young adults!!!! Thank you for everything”