Our world is changing. For now, we are paused at a cross road.

When life gets back to ‘normal’, we can choose to keep going in the direction we were going which values material possessions, money, power, success and acting like we are happy and content even though that may not be the case.

Or, we can choose another way which values love, connection, empathy, nature, being honest and real about who we are, what we are struggling with and asking for support from those who are there for us at the time.

Last Tuesday, I finished the Sparky and Shady live stream online program for Big Kids, it is uploaded on the website and available now as a subscription with content for Kids (4-8yrs), Big Kids (9-12yrs) and parents for $20 a month. If you are interested in the new way, this program will support you and your child/ren and family to go for it! There are no catches with the price, if you subscribe and decide it isn’t for you, you can have your money back (within 3 days) and you can unsubscribe at any time with one click.

The program usually costs $330 for one child and one adult to attend a two-day holiday workshop but I can charge way less now I have all the lessons recorded and available on the website. There are 10 lessons to help your child (or children) understand their inner fear and connect with their inner loving voice. The content will support your child and children to live happy, loving, fulfilling and compassionate lives making the loving difference on earth they were born to make.

To say it clearly and bluntly – humanity is not here to compete with each other, amass material wealth, take resources from the earth and live in a state of emptiness and fear. We are here to accept and love ourselves, love life, love each other, love the earth and share our gifts and talents with others and the planet to create an amazing future for everyone.

Now is a great time to sign up because live weekly sessions start this Tuesday 12th May.

Here’s how it works…

  • Go here and join the subscription program today for $20 per month
  • Kids (4-8 yrs) and Big Kids (9-12 yrs) can join the live sessions with me on Zoom starting Tuesday 12th May at 4pm if they would like to chat about anything in the program or in their lives (every Tues except school holidays)
  • These sessions take place on Zoom, they are not recorded so Kids and Big Kids can use their mics and cameras if they want to.

Live weekly sessions for parents

  • Parent live sessions take place 8pm on Tuesday nights each week (except school hols)
  • You can ask any question or just listen for ways to apply the content in your everyday family life (these sessions are not recorded either)
  • You will receive one email each Tuesday morning with the live session link for Zoom for the Kids and Big Kids 4pm session and for your 8pm session too.

Your month starts the day you sign up and you have access to…

  • All material including; Both ebooks, a Daily Meditation audio, Pit Stop videos and Short Cut videos
  • Weekly invites to live sessions for Kids, Big Kids and parents!


  • 10 video lessons for Kids aged 4-8 yrs (and parents watch these too)
  • 10 video lessons for Big Kids aged 9-12 yrs (and parents)
  • 10 parent Q&A and more for parents’ sessions

Hope to see you soon!

Love Kathy

 PS Happy Mothers Day (if you are a mum!)