This week’s post is a video that will teach your 4 – 9 yr old ‘Who they are’.

It is the second video in the Sparky and Shady for Kids Online Video Course.

If you’ve been to a workshop or after school class with your 6-9 yr old child and paid the current price, I will send you the details with a log in so you have everything you need to follow up the program at home (I’m aiming for a Sept release date).

Gotta love technology for the amazing opportunities for learning!

Gotta love Sparky for helping us do the things we think we cannot do! (Doing a video program of this quality used to be on my ‘too hard’ list!)

You can do anything your Sparky says you can! Even if it takes you 5 years! What is it you have been wanting to do? Go for it! Listen to your Sparky! You can do it!

Love Kathy

PS Feedback welcome!

PPS Holiday workshops and upcoming classes here