Over the last few years I have been confused about why the things we fear come true for us – because my understanding was that Love, God, Universe, Divine Intelligence is the creative power that we are connected to – so why does this loving creative power allow bad stuff to happen? I finally worked it out and I am so relieved…

Sparky and Shady is founded on the premise that there is a loving creative power in the world that wants what is best for us, other people and the planet. It is also based on the idea that each of us have a spark of this loving power within us (Sparky) that we have access to at all times, that loves us no matter what, that helps us whenever we ask and that guides us to solve any problem we have.

Let’s call the source of this loving power by some of the names people use; God, Yahweh, Jehovah, Allah, Heavenly Father, Universe, Universal Mind, Infinite Intelligence, Spirit, Source, Creator, Divine Intelligence, Universal Power, Superconscious, Creative Force and so on…

I have heard lots of people say stuff like, “Why do bad things happen?” “Why doesn’t my loving power solve this problem?” and “Do you think it is all part of a big plan?” I have asked these questions myself, especially when something terrible happens to a person I know. Thankfully, I won’t need to ask questions like these anymore because the answer has been staring me in the face and here it is…

The reason bad things happen to me, you, other people and the planet is because everyone has an inner connection to that all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present power inside them and this power includes the extremes of Love and fear.

Here’s another way to explain it in one popular religious tradition…

In the bible story, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, they instantly knew what God knew – Love and fear and everything in between. Prior to eating that apple, Adam and Eve only knew Love. They were blissing out in that garden. If you imagine a vertical line with the highest high of Love at the top (heaven on earth) and the lowest low of fear at the bottom (hell on earth), then Adam & Eve went from the highest heights of bliss to the lowest depths of fear the instant they ate that apple. All of a sudden, they knew what God knew – Love, fear and every possibility in between.

Bad stuff happens to people because human beings are still living in fear. We haven’t learnt to rise above our fear.

I believe each of us are here on earth to share our gifts, share our love, be ourselves, follow our dreams, have fun and learn too. One of the lessons we are all here to learn is to manage our fear (Shady). We are not supposed to believe our fear in every instance, we are supposed to use fear to keep us safe, alive and protect us. We know when our fear is doing this because the Loving part of us (Sparky) agrees.

Bad stuff happens to us for two reasons:

1. We have fear planted deep in our subconscious. Each person is here to learn lessons in life and for many of us these lessons take the form of bad stuff happening to us like – accidents, break-ups, sickness, or any other form of adversity. These are not bad in the long term if we can bring ourselves to grieve, let go of our pain and fear and learn the lesson we need to learn. What’s that saying? “Adversity makes you stronger”?

2. The other reason bad stuff happens to people is because we believe the fearful things our Shady tells us in our thoughts and then the energy of fear gets stored in our inner world or subconscious. I believe fear in our inner world creates bad things in our outer world, just as much as I believe Love and faith in our inner world creates good things in our outer world. This is called “The Law of Attraction” and I believe it is absolutely how the world works because it takes into account the subconscious lessons we are here to learn too (point 1 above).

“As within, so without” (The Emerald Tablet) and “The Law of Attraction” that Rhonda Byrne writes about in “The Secret” is taken from dozens of authors and teachers. The concept is based on “New Thought” and metaphysics principles and it is absolutely everywhere in the self-help industry today. (It isn’t in psychology at all in this form – but that’s a whole other blog post!)

The idea that what you think and feel inside you creates the life you live is a consistent theme in most books published by Hay House. Louise Hay wrote about it in her best seller, “You Can Heal Your Life” which was the first self-help book I ever owned (and I still read it). The first line says, “Life is really very simple. What we give out, we get back.” Deepak Chopra calls it “The Law of Reflection” which means what you see on the outside (your health, wealth, relationships and self-expression) is a reflection of what is going on inside you.

There you have it and in summary…

Bad stuff happens to us because we have fear inside us and we get back exactly what we give out – more fear. When I have fearful thoughts about myself, other people or life, I feel bad. If I bottle up my bad feelings and keep thinking those fearful thoughts then I end up believing bad stuff and bad stuff happens to me in my life!

How do we stop bad things happening?

Don’t believe our fear!

If we have lessons inside us that we have agreed to learn (point 1) to help us make our difference, then we can wait until that adversity happens to us and learn our lesson or we can choose to go out ahead and learn our lesson before the bad stuff happens (before we have the marriage break up, before we have the mental break down, before we get cancer or have that accident). I’m not saying for a minute that this would be easy – but I believe it is possible. For point 2 – if we learn to use our “God given fear” in the right way, to keep us safe, alive and to protect us from bullying, manipulation, unfair situations and inequality and don’t use it the wrong way – for worrying, doubting and fearing things unnecessarily, then we can rise above it (we will always have it, but we have learnt to control it).

Fear is not bad; it is actually supposed to help us. When we learn to manage our fear, we can rise up above the stuff that isn’t helping us and get ourselves up to that loving end of the vertical continuum. When we are full of Loving energy in our subconscious or inner world (we love ourselves, others and the planet unconditionally) then we will create exactly that in our outer world – lots of loving, happy and fulfilling experiences and relationships. In other words, we will experience heaven on earth!

Thanks for reading and considering!

Love Kathy

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