Sparky and Shady Basics for Healthy Wellbeing

Saturday 21st January

Panorama Room, Coffs Harbour Showground

Choose your session

10 – 11.30 am Parents and educators of children aged 0 – 5 years (children do not accompany)

12.30 – 2 pm Parents and educators of children aged 5 to 12 years (children welcome to accompany)

2.30 – 4 pm Parents and young people aged 12 to 18 years (young people welcome to accompany)


Kathy has finished her psychology degree, and before she starts her PhD in social-emotional-spiritual wellbeing in 2023, she is offering short sessions to share some important and updated basics of Sparky and Shady to help parents, children, and young people understand themselves and how they work as human beings.

Previously Sparky and Shady workshops went for two days, covered 10 lessons and included games and breaks. This format is easier and cheaper and gives parents, children and young people the important basics for healthy wellbeing in 90 minutes!

Content includes:

How humans work – an overview that includes meeting our imaginary Sparky and Shady

How human fear works (Shady)

How human courage works (Sparky)

How to manage fear

There will be seats to sit in, but you are welcome to stand or walk around the back of the room while Kathy presents. The session will have a 10-minute break in the middle. Questions are welcome.

Important to know:

Traditionally, evidenced-based psychological treatments, such as cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT), do not include a spiritual component. Sparky and Shady, in comparison, is a holistic wellbeing program based on physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. It is designed to prevent mental ill health in children and young people by helping them understand their fearful and courageous thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

Depending on a family’s religious and/or spiritual beliefs, Sparky could be described as a spiritual force of courage, love and wisdom that humans can access in their imagination or inner world. If you are not open to having access to a loving spiritual force, then Sparky could be an imaginary personification of the most loving aspects of humans.

Shady, on the other hand, is human fear. It is not a spiritual force of darkness. If your family’s religious and/or spiritual beliefs include the belief in a spiritual force of darkness, then the persistence of fearful thoughts, beliefs, feelings and actions could make someone susceptible to a spiritual force of darkness; however, this force is not Shady.

For healthy wellbeing, children and young people need to learn to accept and love Shady so they can manage their fearful thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


$50 per adult

$20 per child or young person